Our Treatments
Pedodontic Dentistry

All children will be treated by Pedodontist. A wide range of dental treatments are applicable in Pedondontics.

Some examples include dental education, monitoring of the dental eruption, child dietary consultation, fluoride treatment, filling of deciduous teeth, sealant of the permanent teeth, space maintainer, space regainer, root canal treatment and stainless steel crown of the deciduous teeth.
Pedodontic treatment available in our clinic are:

    * Cleaning & polishing
    * Behavior management
      Restorations and tooth-colour filling
    * Root canal treatment
    * Crowns, stainless steel crowns
    * Fluoride application
    * Space maintainer/regainer (if need)
    * Routine dental check-up

Advance appointment booking is needed to see the Pedodontist. Please kindly contact us.
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