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"I just wanted to leave you with a brief note expressing my appreciation for the “smile makeover” experience. The process was fast and painless with a lot of positive support from your staff. Besides the obvious comments on how good my teeth looked, there was definitely a positive change in my interaction with others. People seem much more open, approachable and engaging than before. Everyday life is definitely more enjoyable. I would recommend this procedure to anyone. Thanks again."

Mr Schorn

"After having my smile done, the experience was very exciting to see my transformation. I was always a person that liked to smile, but now I even have more reason to smile. There is usually not a day that goes by when someone comments on how beautiful my teeth are. To feel the happiness that this has brought to me, I only wish that more people could do this for themselves.I felt tremendous comfort and confidence in Dr. Carvalho and his team.
This is an investment I will never regret doing."

"Zoom has been such a uplifting experience.  This summer I will stand up in two weddings and will feel so confident smiling and having all eyes on me and my smile!  Thanks for making my smile so beautiful and helping me feel confident.  Now I feel it's my duty as a bridesmaid to send the whole bridal party for a Zoom session.  There is nothing better than a confident, happy and healthy white smile!"

"First class high quality treatment by two very gifted dental surgeons! You cannot do Better!! I am the most nervous of patients and Dr.Varun went out of their way to put me at ease. Exceptional work, in my case crowns, replacement fillings and whitening-My teeth have been restored and look wonderful. Happy to give a more personal reference to anyone who would like to contact me."
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Robert Hughes (Hampton Court, Near London)

"We both had Brite Smile done on our teeth. Staff very friendly and make you feel at ease. Very Happy with all the staff and treatment. Cannot wait to show our new white smile, back home in England.
Thank you so much."

Jackie and Andrew Heap

"I was a little nervous at first, but i was made to feel at ease with Varun and his team. Very Impressed with the end results. Excellent value for money. Will be recommending to friends."

Jo Buller (Manchester England-Cabin Crew First Choice)

"I stopped going to a dentist 15 years ago because of a nasty experience with a dentist back home (in the UK). When I came across Dr.Varun (By accident) my confidence grew because of their caring and professional attitude. They have both given me a new release in life because of increased confidence, for saving my teeth, by advising me of bridging my front teeth.I have no words for their kindness, hospitality and extremely reasonably costs! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart, God Bless You. Wish you Success and Prosperity and all the Luck in the world in your professional and personal life. Last but not the least my thanks to your staff too. God Bless you! "

Shani Merali (Siddiqui)- Hertfordshire U.K.

"Brilliant results on my teeth. Everyone very professional and friendly. No pain at all.I would highly recommend Carvalho's Dental Clinic."

Jennifer Malone

(Full mouth Rehabilitation with Crowns and Bridges)
"Exemplary Professional Service. Very happy with the end results. I can now smile again. Very nice people. Thank you!"


(Full mouth Rehabilitation with Crowns and Bridges)
"What Excellent service Very efficient, polite dentists Superb experience English dentists certainly have a lot to learn. Extensive treatment all undertaken without the need  of single injection  and yet pain  free."

Mr. Gordon Bridge
Brilliant service and brilliant results. Would definately recommend.
Caroline Kutzner (Manchester)

Excellent treatment, had 4 fillings and Brite smile whitening,  brilliant results and brilliant.Price!! Highly Recommended!!!
Lisa Henshaw (Liverpool)

Would definately recommend this surgery, very helpful and friendly dentists.
Hannah Baher (Manchester)

Professional Dentists, no need to be nervous. I required  a new cap to be made which involved 2 Visits, much cheaper than UK prices. Would recommend to friends and family.
Andy Robinson (Manchester)

(Full Mouth Rehabilitation using Crowns and Bridges)
Thanks to Varun, I have a mouth full of fabulous white, even teeth and a brilliant new smile. This guys are professional, dedicated, Perfectionists and a lovely couple too! Thank million to them and their team.

Steve Brady
(E-Max Pure Porcelain Crowns)
To achieve a perfect smile, you need a perfect dentist and at Carvalho's there are two.Professional, Friendly, Exacting  and perfectionists.  Thank you very much for our new smiles

Amanda and John Curtis
ISO Certified Dental Clinic, Goa.